"They reach for new territory in an industry or region.” Dean Browell, EVP, Partner, Feedback, LLC
"No matter how offbeat the combination, they can find a crowd-pleasing way to showcase it." Mike Allen, The Roanoke Times
“...transforming how people interact with traditional brick and mortar entities.” Stuart Mease, Dir. of Employer Relations, Pamplin College of Business, Virginia Tech
"From the live music to the theatre production to the video... I thought I was in Hollywood." Gina Holmes, Author
"Any event you do with as much energy and creativity as you demonstrate at PechaKucha Night, I'm on board as a sponsor." John Garland, 16 West Marketplace
"The Carless Brit campaign has been great for my programs." Jeremy Holmes, Roanoke Valley-Alleghany Regional Commission
“Their creativity and drive are rare today." Jason Garnett, The Shadowbox Cinema
"...has brought visibility to many previously overlooked creative individuals and groups." Sam Knapp, Hellow Yellow Agency

What We Do

Silver Seas PR creates unique, one-time events, obtains media coverage, and increases exposure and awareness. We partner with business, non-profit and individual. Honesty, respect and straightforwardness characterize our client and media interactions. 

Our Clients

Clients include authors, local government, retail, visual artists, sneakerheads, performers and guerilla upstarts. We bring a true, personal interest in the development and success of our clients.

How We Work

We're specialists, not an agency that seeks to do everything. We know what we're good at, what we love, and so that's what we do. Creative expression is our means of accomplishment and what drives us.

Let's Chat!

Silver Seas PR works with clients throughout the US from offices in Columbia, TN, and Roanoke, VA. Shoot us an email at Contact [at] silverseaspr.com or give us a ring! Let's chat to see how we can help you with a custom made event or campaign.


Silver Seas PR always meet or exceed declared goals. They reach for new territory in an industry or region. River Laker of Silver Seas PR is one of those unique leaders that is pushing through an industry's culture for the benefit of all involved. He has an uncanny ability to rally friends and visionaries and entice them toward positive change and awareness. 
Dean Browell, Executive Vice President, Partner, Feedback, LLC 
Silver Seas PR is one of the most creative specialist agencies I've come across. They're doing a great job for me!
Normandie Fischer, Author
Their work has brought visibility to many previously overlooked creative individuals and groups that may have otherwise struggled for some time to get their time on the spotlight. Silver Seas PR also has promoted numerous other causes including alternative sustainable means of transportation. Both their energy and selflessness are great assets to our community.
Sam Knapp, Hellow Yellow Agency
...turned my collection of sneakers into a city wide sneaker culture retrospective, forming partnerships with nationwide retailers and obtaining lots of media coverage ...tireless in ensuring that sneakers were on everyone’s mind!
Weston Powell, President, The UNcommonwealth
I've never experienced an author event like this! Awesome!

 Jim Minick, Author


One of the Most Ambitious Public Art Projects in the UK

Folkestone Triennial 2014Just 7 days until the start of one of the most ambitious public art projects in the UK.

La Wally at PechaKucha Night?

I wonder if Amy Cofield Williamson of Opera Roanoke will sing this at PechaKucha Night (PKN) RoanokeBut it’s probably a sign that someone doesn’t know much about opera when they think any opera singer they

The Meanest Streets: Abel Ferrara’s New York City

The re-release of Ms. 45, Abel Ferrara’s little-seen 1981 follow-up to his seminal The Driller Killer (1979), transports us back to a time before New York City was a shimmering beacon of late capitalism, another node in the global network, a soft-edged consumer playground... The Meanest Streets: Abel Ferrara’s New York City

Urban Renewal, People Power Plus Profit

The house is burned out, and in a long-blighted Roanoke neighborhood. Corbin Prydwen is giving it another chance. He rescued the charred, century-old house from the bulldozer for $1,200 a few months ago and is converting it back to a single-family home. He’s supremely confident somebody’s going to buy it... Investing in struggling urban neighborhoods can change everything.

Author to Author: Lee Smith asks Beth Macy about Factory Man

What a fine example of the art of interviewing. A terrific book too!

"If glowing reviews are any indication, Virginia author Beth Macy’s debut book Factory Man may be one of the most talked-about nonfiction books of the season..." Author to Author: Lee Smith asks Beth Macy about Factory Man

Collaboration Rules with Bollywood!

Collaboration is the way! These seemed terrific as primary images for a Bollywood promo project (see them in context here). But after running them by a few Indian colleagues we learnt they are famous Bollywood actors, Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in the guise of Hindu gods Shiva and Parvati. In short, a good number of the Indians in the community where the project takes place would be offended!